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Punto Fresco is a company of recognized professional experience in fruit and vegetables, both in the productive and in the trade sector.

Through selected relations with the best national and foreign producers the company is able to guarantee the quality and typical properties of the entire range of the available products, controlling the whole production line, and is also able to make the suppliers aware of the importance of respectiong the environment and of food safety.

Punto Fresco works daily in the fruit and vegetables market in Bergamo, in its own structure, which is totally refrigerated in order to prevent the interruption of the cold chain.

The ability of the company to come to terms quickly with the constant changes of the market and its young dynamism are its major asset. They allow Punto Fresco to distinguish itself in the capability of meeting the clients requirements, in the right relation between quality/price/packaging/service and it guarantees the supply continuity of the products.

Punto Fresco's aim is to grow and improve constantly in synergy with all parties concerned, in order to provide excellent products and the best service.
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Mercato Ortofrutticolo Stand n.21/23 Via Orzinuovi, 82 Brescia 25125 - Italy

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